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Carly Rae Sucked To Completion
13-09-2015 10:22 mins  
Carly Rae was the first girl from Uk to come spain for a few shoots, this is one of them ! ok its a bit lame.. just getting my dick sucked & balls emptied before i ran her back to the airport really but then her ass got it the night before & thats on here for y’all to enjoy too :)
06-09-2015 35:53 mins  
Isn’t she gorgeous !? very very pretty girl, 19 genuine 1st timer, all natural with nice warm chocolate skin, u just want her to melt in your mouth don’t ya ? When a first timer that looks as good as this it can go 2 ways, she gonna be a star or people find out about it & they quit porn, unfortunately guys Tammy is no longer shooting but you can see her gat facialized here guys & girls
05-09-2015 24:24 mins  
Here’s Alessa Savage sucking me to completion & swallowing my beeeans! 2 camera angles capture the magic moment my sperm shoots into her mouth & she shows it off before it slides down her throat into her belly.. who says they don’t get fed ! of course there’s also plenty of deep throat & arsehole licking in the scene ! enjoy guys
Leyla Anal 3
04-09-2015 21:11 mins  
Layla’s 3rd appearance & if i haven’t mentioned before has got a pussy like a mouses ear, she could pass for 18 anyway, i dong think she was as into the anal sex on this scene as she was on the las one.. but i still had a good time.. thats all that counts right ?
29-08-2015 mins  
Jasmine James ! I asked her what size her tits are & she said BIG ! lol jasmine has a real big following, she’s a gorgeous but very down to earth gall, we shot the month before, got on pretty good arranged to do a shoot for montyspov, i was in the middle of relocating to Spain at quite an inconvenient time so it wasn’t to easy to plan, we made do with a room by the airport, i touched down ( not had a wank for 2 or 3 days ) Had a real horny time with this gorgeous sensual babe & then you gotta see the big thick load i shot right in her mush !
23-08-2015 26:34 mins    
18, all natural slim with god tits & taking it in the ass on camera, thats beautiful aint it, i’ll be honest about this, i met anna the week before for another shoot, we both like a bit of greenery ! i had one blast on her bong before the shoot & it blew my dam head off, hence me laying in the same position through most of the shoot ! Anna didn’t do a2m & she didn’t lick ass, however to watch her tight little ass get fucked & her face cumed on is as good as any scene on here
Khaye Peake Swallow My Beans
22-08-2015 mins  
Khaya Peake, where do i start ! a friend of one told me she was in the Uk, i checked out her pictures & thought wow she is fucking hot, i want a slice of that, i hadn’t noticed she’d shot with anybody else here, we swapped messages & arranged a shoot, 2 shoots actually as this one was done for as a little role-play for a custom video client.. i couldn’t get her to puke so i can use it here, the ending however i had to cut but this will soon be released on full on another website with a different billing provider
08-08-2015 50:50 mins    
The Alessa Savage debut scene went down pretty well with you guys so i thing your gonna like this, here she is taking dick in her ass in her first ever anal scene, fancy that :) When i asked her before about anal she said she’s only do it for a good price, i didn’t have that kinda money but luckily a guy had asked to see her get but fucked & he put his hand in his pocked to come up with the dough, her it is guys her first anal of course with plenty of deep throat & ass licking !
Carly Rae Anal Spain
14-07-2015 28:03 mins  
Ok what happened hear, firstly the hotel was shit but most y’all ain’t paying attention to that i know, what else, yea Carly Rae got off pretty lightly here, my intentions were to give her anal, a2m, anal, a2m & blow my lost all over her face, but it didn’t work like that, the way she wiggles about & squeaks when my dick was in her ass must have just .. well made me blow my beans early !
06-07-2015 21:32 mins  
We had this 3rd sienna day shoot planned & poor sienna had been fucked all day with big dicks she said she wasn’t up for shooting that night, i managed to convince her to shoot just a quick easy shoot & she agreed to do a rim job scene, its great to see such a hot blond licking man ass ain’t it ?
26-06-2015 01:06:03 mins  
Now guys use seen all these fake ass “home move” stuff I’ve shot for PB, well what we have here is a real home movie with one of your fav Uk porn stars Chantelle Fox, as her house, in her bedroom, I’m sorry i didn’t get a shot of the knicker draw but other than that, here’s nearly an hour of Chantelle Fox getting her butt fucked at home
06-06-2015 27:16 mins  
Its been a while since i first fucked Kiki & Tbh & i don’t mind admitting, i think i was actually a bit ___ when we first shot so i was real glad when she came back for some more ass fucking, she told me something before the shoot, she said she gets off on watching girls face fucked & puking.. interesting right ? well in this scene Kiki did puke on my cock.. a few times ! unfortunately it had to be cut out or i couldn’t use it here & guys if i didn’t need the dam update i woulda carried the hell on without cleaning up !
29-05-2015 30:55 mins  
Thanks to new Uk porn laws i had to re locate so i picked Spain, why ? shooting some spanish pussy ! i noticed Suhaila.. its hard not too with tits like this, we arranged to shoot & here it is the first shoot in Spain, i picked a good un didn’t i guys !?
22-05-2015 35:55 mins  
I shot with Adreena Winters for another production a year or so ago, i had no idea she was so hardcore, deepthroat, anal, a2m, rimming & facial, she ticks all the boxes ! she also likes getting pissed on ! so theres a new site on the way this dirty bitch is gonna be back on that !
15-05-2015 12:53 mins  
Carly Rae came out to Spain to shoo & the first place we went was to a derelect building down the road, lovely for then nitty gritty photo’s .. of course after the photo shoot we had to shoot a little vid, so here it is Carly Rae sucks me off, deep throats me, i fuck her face a little & knock the plaster off the wall with her hear.. oops.. & then i unloaded a lovely lost of junk right in her mush ! perks of a photographer ;)
08-05-2015 33:22 mins  
Carmel Cox round 2 ! Carmel got a real good face fucking in this scene, what a deep throat champ, check that mascara running down her face, this has gotta be one of her specialities but it don’t stop there! This filthy scouse bitch gives my ass a real good licking & takes a good hard fucking, hot scene girls & guys & it ends with a nice big load of jizz over her face!
01-05-2015 29:30 mins  
Here's Demona Dragon, a nice piece of American Pie with more tatt's than me.. sexy little thing with a small ass & big tits a.. She weren't to keen on licking a guys ass hole but being one of the requirements for the scene she did a agree to it ! Providing it was clean :o .. it was real good to see & feel her begrudgingly tonguing my ass hole ;) she was holding back a little so i applied some pressure .. gooood girl ! couldn't quite get my cock down her throat, hot scene guys with a nice big pop shot that got her right in the mush !
24-04-2015 33:50 mins  
So here we have the gorgeous Alessa Savage debut scene on Montyspov ! & i say debut because this girl is definitely getting invited back for more dick ! Ain 't she just one of the prettiest things you've ever seen ! Alessa is a real natural beauty. she don't look a day over 18, loves eating man ass & deep throating cock ! now they are some real fine qualities that you just don't find every day ! :) great scene packed with Rimming, deep throat with a nice big facial to finish, enjoy !
17-04-2015 26:07 mins  
Would you look at this! Hot Nubian Queen Maria Ryder came back for some more bum fun, this time on the bed with some tight shiny red hot pants & a bottle of baby oily to get nice & slippery with :) We hadn't discussed if the scene before hand .. i just couldn't resist a finger & a thumb in her tight ass with all that oil & & once i got that in it wasn't long before my cock as back in there for more anal fucking, i was having such a good time in there i actually shot a bolt of jiz up her asshole before pulling out & spunking over her hot bod, pussy & ass ! Hot anal scene peeps !
10-04-2015 23:46 mins    
I've worked with Hannah a few times but as with all the my POV shoots this is where i got to a pov pervert ;) A squeeze of her tits, a taste of her pussy & aint it just a lovely pussy too, she slipped off her panties i had a good lick then dipped my cock in, now when it comes to sucking cock & balls hannah shaw has gotta be up there with the best of them & what really made my day is the un expected pleasure of her tongue in my ass ! that was a surprise ! unfortunately when it came to spunking on that gorgeous face most of my load went right over her fucking head ! great scene !
03-04-2015 24:26 mins  
So i first met Devon when me & Luke Hardy DP'd her for the site ! i was impressed, this girl is game for everything & that's my kinda woman :) So i paid her another visit this time on my own to shoot for Montyspov.. this is a great filth packed scene that ends with Devon cleaning up the spunk that missed her face from the headboard with her tongue & then swallowing it ! great girl !
Chantelle Fox Unused PB Scene
27-03-2015 19:39 mins  
Here is a Chantelle Fox scene we shot for playboy TV that's not been used, it was the very 1st scene i attempted for them back around 2012, why didn't it get used ? because i shot my fucking load early.. still anything with Chantelle in is worth a wank, she's a horny little bitch & in this one she she's particularly sexy with her sun kissed body & tan lines !
Maria Ryder Private Dance
20-03-2015 12:10 mins  
Here is Maria Ryder in a very special not so private lap dance with a real happy ending ! this is what dreams are made of :)
13-03-2015 20:53 mins  
This is first timer Raven Gee, now i do love fucking these first timers, they seem to squeak a bit more when they take cock ! but what's better is when you get a first timer who licks ass, does anal & a2m all in her first video then take a great big load of cum on her face! great scene !
06-03-2015 13:31 mins  
27-02-2015 36:00 mins    
So Chantelle Fox came back for some more ass fucking ! & boy did i get my moneys worth, Anal, A2M, Deep throat, rimming, as slicking.. more rimming ;) lots of ass fucking, ass to mouth, ass, pussy, ass... More ass.. A2M .. what a great little fuck, i had a real sack full to blow over her face but i couldn't get enough of her asshole ! So there's over 35 min's of dirt her for you guys enjoy !
19-02-2015 20:20 mins  
Channel Santos is a another new hot newbie in the industry, when i first met her i didn't know she was up for shooting porn but i must admit that the thought that she'd look great with my balls on her chin deffo crossed my mind ! & she got a great ass ! so she wasn't to keen on rimming at first but i did offer her some guidance with this in this scene : ) i think a bit more practice & she could nail it ; ).. Where's the facial !? well to be honest i was a little selfish with this one, my cock felt so good in her pussy i shot a bolt inside her & the rest over her hot body
13-02-2015 31:10 mins  
Gina Lynn Jameson, new girl on the Uk Industry & ain't she a real dirty bitch ! A little alt i'd say, black hair, bright red lips & a few big tatts.. you can tell she's a trouble maker cant you, In shis scene, she licks my ass, deep throats me, takes it in the stink, sucks it afterwards & takes my load all over her face, i love the way she winks at me when her tonge is in my ass!
06-02-2015 38:11 mins    
Here we have 38 minutes of heaven ! I had a real job picking these screen grabs, just so many good uns to choose from, ain't she gorgeous !? Maria is a newbie to the industry i must admit i had a few wanks over the pictures she sent me & a few more wanks editing the scene.. no wonder i don't get shit done ! Anyhow she's a real gem, lovely warm chocolate skin, big hair, great smile & a mouth made for sucking cock.. lovely natural tits, great ass, tight pussy fuck i can go on & on.. Not only was this her 1st shoot it was also the 1st time she's ever had cock in her ass ! she doe's deepthroat, atm, licked ass & took a great big load of cum with a smile.. She will be back for some more !
30-01-2015 29:08 mins  
For all you Chantelle Fox fens here she is with here nice long lizard tongue deep inside some man ass ! what a beautiful sight ! Lightings a bit shitty but hey.. sometimes just gotta make the most of what u got to hand, here's nearly 30 mins of cock sucking, ball licking & most importantly salad tossing .. i just had to have a little dip in her pussy & thought it would be rude if i didn't slide my tongue into her ass too :) i shot my load right over her face & all into her hair .. not on purpose of course ! :)
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